Golf Training Aids

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Golf Training Aids

Multi-Sport 6 in 1 Tilting Goal in Blue w Backstop
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Recent Customer Reviews
Patented Golf Pivot Training Aid in Black and Gray
Phayes from KY
I was having trouble with my weight shift. since purchased my PivotPro I have seen remarkable improvement in my power and consistency. The pivotpro delivered what it promised. If you need to work on your coil and maintain your spine angle the pivotpro is the best. It works especially well in combination with swinging a weighted club. This combination maximizes stretching of shoulders while coiling against a firm right side. Highly Recommend it!
Power Lag Pro and Flat Wrist Pro Combo
Brandon from Lexington
My wife got me this as a gift. Excellent training aid for creating lag and having a flat wrist going through the impact. It has really help me with my takeaway (wrist roll) and setting the wrist correctly at the top of the swing - which makes it much easier to create the lag. Power Lag pro provides a good feedback to retain the wrist angle coming down. Flat Wrist Pro is an excellent product, the tee really helped me with the swing plane and allowing me to hit down on the ball. I recommend watching the videos on there website to full appreciate the use of these products. I recommend these products to anyone who struggles with flipping their wrist through impact or having trouble creating proper lag. Great product.
Patented Golf Pivot Training Aid in Black and Gray
Wally from Charleston, SC
This product really works! By using it on the practice range right before I play, I have seen my scores come down!!

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